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Different Sets of Strings
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Different Strings

OK.  I'm really biased on this one, and this is my personal taste.  Don't get all upset if you disagree.  Start your own page and expound your views from there.  Maybe we could arrange for you to have your own section on this page!

Ernie Ball pure steel - three stars

Ernie Ball pure steel strings start off with a really metallic twangy sound, almost like a harpsichord.  That sound would be great for a steel guitar, or a regular guitar with a slide.  Great for country music.  Kind of nasty for rock and roll.  I'd hate to hear them on a single coil, with the style I play.  All strings degenerate to mellow tones, though, and these are no exception.  They take about 3 weeks to be mellowed out.

GHS Boomers - five stars

GHS Boomers give you a nice all-around sound.  They're mellow on the low-end, and crisp on the high-end.  Not twangy at all.  They come in .008 gauge too, which is awesome for tricky leads.

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