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Emotional feel
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Emotional "feel"

NOTE:  This is controversial stuff.  I may be totally off whack with these, so don't take my word for gospel on this section.  Or any other time or place for that matter.

So you've got the perfect song lyrics, but you just can't get the song to "feel" right.  Or perhaps you want your song to manipulate the listeners' emotions in a different way.  Maybe you should try transposing it into a different key, and see how it turns out.

Generally Major keys feel happy.  No3/power/5 chords feel bad, dirty, rockin' or "cool".  Plus, they sound great with a little distortion.  Minor keys feel sad or depressing.  Seventh chords feel "funky", for feel-good songs.  Major Seventh chords are jazzy, relaxing, or exhilarating, depending on what key you use and the direction the song is moving along the scale.  Ninth chords have an open airy feeling.

Chord/key feelings

Chord Major Minor
A Descending down the scale: Ending of something

Otherwise happy

B Sad
C Relaxed Frightened / omenous
D Easygoing, airy Very sad, bordering on depressing
E Can be rowdy Blue, lacking or upset
F Light mood, easygoing Alone/deserted
G Happy / satisfied

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