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Set list construction
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Set list construction

Organizing songs by key: Organize your songs so there aren't several songs in one key, all in a row.  This makes for a boring, monotonous concert. 

Beginning the concert:  Always start with a medium-fast song in a major key.  Don't get off to a lousy start - stir up the crowd! Get them moving and singing along and they will love your show.  At the same time, leave some room for faster songs later on in the set.  Dynamics are just as important here as they are when you're building a song.  The second song should be something the crowd already knows well, so you keep the momentum going.  This will keep their interest for a few songs.

Introducing the band:  Try to stick with something in a seventh or major key here.  Jam with something any member can solo to, and stand out for a moment.  Play something that really gets the crowd moving.

Ending the concert: You may want to play a song in a major key, descending rather than ascending through the scale you use for chords.  Or, try something with lots of sevenths.  Never end a concert/show with a song in a minor key.  You want people laughing and talking afterwards, not barely able to speak because you didn't leave them in a good mood.  This is the last impression they have of you, and it will stand out the most in their minds!  If they leave in a bad mood, you will lose fans.  Don't blow it here!  Try to build up to a happy end.  Don't go from slow songs to a single fast song at the end, or the mood will be broken and people will be less likely to appreciate the fast song.  If you must put a slow song near the end, build the mood back up slowly, over two or more songs.

Cheesy or stupid fooling-around songs:  Don't overdo these unless your band is supposed to be that way.  Stick to one or two in happy parts of the concert, probably around the introduction to the band.  If the crowd isn't in a really good mood, skip these.  Don't play them when the mood is wrong, even if you think it's really funny!  Do not put these near emotional or slow songs.  Never put them last, or play more than one in a row.  Only put one first if you really must, and even then only if it is short and funny to everyone.  Use it to grab a crowd's attention really quick.

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