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Audience games
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Audience games

There's so much more to a show than the music.  The audience needs to feel like they are participating somehow.  It's a subtle psychological thing, that makes them want to be appreciated.


  1. Screaming contest: Divide the audience into two sides, two plus the back, or two plus the middle.  Come up with some kind of arrangement like that.  Have a contest to see which side can scream the loudest.
  2. Dance contest: Have the band play some kind of funky break-beat ditty, and have a contest for best dance.

On-the-fly breaks

  1. Break:  Bust out a funky breakbeat after the chorus of some hot song and jump out into the audience.

Help sing

  1. Just a couple words: Teach the audience a few words, and have some kind of cue to signal them to sing them.  (line in the song, you point the mic, whatever)
  2. Sing part of the song:  If you're really doing well and they know your song, have the instruments play quieter and have the audience sing part of the song, like the chorus.

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