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Barre chord forms
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Barre chord forms

You may not know what a Barre chord is, or you want to refresh your memory.  Well, this isn't a complete guide to them, but hopefully you'll find something useful here.

A barre chord is a chord that contains a "bar," or a finger resting across an entire fret (all the strings.)  Put your 1 finger (index finger, if you don't remember) across a fret (the chord chart would look something like 333333), and practice playing it so all the notes ring out as clearly as possible.  A simple one is 355433, or G Major.  You bar the 3rd fret, and arrange the other fingers to form an E chord formation after it.  Basically you move the nut up a couple frets temporarily with a Barre chord.

E Form: Bar a fret, and put the E formation (022100) after it.  Examples:  355433/G Major, 577555/A Minor, 9(11)9999/C# Minor 7th,  They take their root names from the E string.

A Form: Bar a fret, and put the A formation (002220) after it.  Don't play the low E string.  Examples: x24442/B Major, x35543/C Minor, x57665/D Minor Major 7th.  They take their root names from the A string.

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