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Beginner chord forms
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Beginner chord forms

Maj7 chords may be a little more difficult for beginning guitar players.  Learn the major, minor, and sus4 chords first.  Then learn 7 and m7 chords, then add9 chords, then sus2 chords, then Maj7.

Note Major Minor sus4 7 Maj7 m7 add9 sus2
A x02220 x02210 x02230 x02020 x02120 x02010   x02200
C x32010     x32310 x32210   x32033  
D xx0232 xx0231 xx0233 xx0212 xx0222 xx0211   xx0230
E 022100 022000 022200 020100 021100 020000    
F xx3211 xx3111     xx3210      
G 320003     323003     320033  

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