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Some tips on bass leading
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Some tips on bass leading

OK. So you are playing bass, but there's just no flow between the bass tones in the song you're playing.  That's when you lead from one chord to another.


Guitar is playing this Bass should play this
Em, G or E, G E, F#, G
Am, C A, B, C
A, E A, G#, F#
Am, E A, G, F#
G, C G, A, B, C
D, Em D, D#, E
In music theory terms:
R-M2 R,m2,M2
R-m3 R,M2,m3
R-P4 (R is major) R,M2,M3,P4
R-P4 (R is minor) R,M2,m3,P4

Note: You can reverse these if they need to be played in the opposite order (ex: guitar play C-Am, you play C-B-A)

This is just a starter's guide for this complex technique.  If you play these enough, moving them across the fretboard, up and down strings, you will eventually know how to do this and recognize patterns.




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