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Repentance (Happy Techno Mix)

and The Repentance Teaser

by Eternal Death Strike

(lyrics by Joe Coyle [Cheeze Masta II])
On the original recording (the teaser), guitar by Dan Liberatore [The Original Cheeze Masta], bass by Tim Parsons [Funky G-T], drums by Kyle Minckler [The Raptor]

This is the moment you've all been waiting for!  The official teaser MP3 for our song Repentance!  Please, please don't tell Joe his voice is kinda weird in spots!  He knows.

The chorus and part of the second verse are featured in this unique semi-live recording, digitally mastered at Crowded House with the help of our youth pastor and good friend Larry LaBarge.

Special thanks go out to: Jesus Christ (our reason for existence), Larry LaBarge for the help with the recording and mixing, LeAnn LaBarge for training Joe's vocals on the spot, our parents and friends who gave us rides everywhere we played, the churches who so graciously booked our band, the bands we played with (Moongroov, Lustre, Eklezia, Good for Life, Quanta and several others), and everybody who's supported our music.  And YOU, for checking out the page!

Dan's thanks:  It wouldn't be right if I didn't mention the group from the Fishkill, NY Nazarene church for their friendship, camping and food at the 2001 Inside Out Soul Festival.  And Tom R. and his friend who gave me the Tooth and Nail sticker.  You guys rock!  I'd also like to mention everybody who encouraged me to keep playing guitar, and bought me equipment.  Especially my capo.  Thanks Dad!  KJ52 & company, thanks for the publicity at the Hip-Hop party at IOSF 2001.  Rock on!  And to my buddies in EDS, it's been a heck of a ride - and a pleasure playing with you.  If I ever hit the big time with a band during or after college, I'll remember you.

Here are the links you so patiently waited for:

EDS - Repentance (Teaser).mp3 (1.7 MB) AND  EDS - Repentance (Happy Techno Mix).mp3 (4.25 MB)

And if you need something to play it with, should have something.

Notes from Dan to the band:  Tim, I hereby dub thee Funky G-T.  Now go show up Flea with some mad bass-playing skillz.  Kyle, you know wazzup, weiner-dude.  Someday when I work for an appliance company (Shmeneral Smelectric or something like that) I'll engineer longer cords into toasters.  You keep rockin' for Christ.  And Joe, I *did* say Cheeze Masta II.  You are now awarded the title Cheeze Masta, because you deserve it;  all hail the cheeziest guy younger than me.  Hear ye, hear ye!  THIS IS NOT THE END! EDS WILL LIVE ON!  Peace, homeboys and homegirls!  And check back for more mixes from time to time.

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